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I will teach you how to use video to generate higher speaking fees, more engagements, and quickly transform your speaking business. BY THE END OF THIS PROGRAM, YOU WILL...

  • Have a blueprint to becoming a 5-figure speaker and building a 6-figure speaking business with video

  • Be able to transform your ideas into videos that capture the attention of meeting planners, conference organizers, and corporate decision makers

  • Have a list of DIY video tools to build a following, grow your social influence, and position yourself as an expert

  • Have access to my videos (that you can copy) that have led to thousands of dollars in speaking revenue

  • Stand out from other speakers by using video to build your personal brand

"I always encourage speakers to produce more videos and use Julian's techniques to increase their visibility which results in booking more engagements at higher fees. I'm thrilled he's created this course to help others grow their businesses. I highly recommend all speakers learn his strategies by taking this course!"

Wilene Dunn, CEO of WCD Speakers

"Julian has done a remarkable job of using video to grow his speaking business. I highly recommend other speakers to learn his video marketing strategies!"

Scott Simson, CEO of Video Marketing World

"Even as a seasoned speaker, I found myself writing a page full of notes from Julian's course. I've already put much of his advice into action and saw results almost immediately"

Dayna Steele, Rock Star Principles Speaker

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • Welcome to Video Secrets from a 6-Figure Speaker!

  • 2

    6-Figure Speaker Video Philosophy

    • Philosophy and Video Marketing

    • 3 Types of Videos that Generate Leads

  • 3

    6-Figure Speaker Video Examples

    • Capture Your Ideas

    • Value-Based Videos

    • Documentation Videos

    • Entertainment Videos

  • 4

    6-Figure Speaker Video Gear

    • Equipment List

  • 5

    Video Editing 101 for Speakers

    • 3 Basic Video Editing Functions

    • Audio Synching

    • Trimming

    • Exporting

  • 6

    6-Figure Speaker Video Marketing Strategy

    • Video Marketing Strategy

  • 7

    Course Review

    • What's Next?